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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

and remember.....if it wasn't shipped temperature controlled and maintained in the freezer, it may be a fantastic EVOO however the bioactive properties are rapidly dying 
Half of the polyphenols die in transit in a regular shipping container without temperature control and whatever remaining polyphenols are left, die within one year on the shelf and that's assuming they were shipped immediately after harvest
Canadians have suffered too long without this vital knowledgethe quality of our lives literally depend on it

gift our children the foundation of good gut health!!! 
Primary Prevention is the Goal Here

Smile, do good things and be the light

God Bless all the medical scientists, doctors who dedicated their lives to helping people and the Italians for their food obsessions, dedication to longevity, and  the will to preserve the health of their dying population   

I am grateful for the opportunity to bridge the gap between
medical and culinary farmacy

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