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A North Amercian Setback


Italy bans all Genetically Modified Foods (“GMO”), as well as Glyphosate otherwise known as Round-Up (“Round-Up”). SEEDS IN ITALY CAN NOT BE TREATED WITH A ROUND-UP.   Italians do not even expose their livestock to GMO or Round-Up. Italy's agriculture sector continues to lead the European Union on the No GMO stance.

Age-standardized cancer and alzheimer rates in Italy have gone down over the last few decades, however, the absolute number of cancer and alzheimer cases and deaths have  increased, due to the progressive ageing of the population.  The italian population is rapidly decreasing and its government is doing everything it can to preserve life and future generations. 


Marble Surface

The typical North American diet leads to the typical and predictable North American diseases. The good news is that if diet can harm your gut microbiome, a change in diet can heal your gut microbiome!!

Harvard has been studying this for decades!

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“Excellence is never an accident. 

It is always the result of 

high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution; 

it represents

the wise choice 

of many alternatives choice, 

not chance, 

determines your destiny.”


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The Harvard Studies 1976 - Present

Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Yale have all joined forces with the University of Athens.   Why do these ivy leagues Universities want to join forces with the University of Athens?   The University of Athens has 18 Centers of Expertise, in Rare Diseases of the School of Medicine, and specialize in the rare patient. 


Dr. Stefanos Kales, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Prokopios Magiatis Professor of School of Pharmacy of University of Athens, Dr. Eleni Melliou, Diomedes Lopothetis, Baltopoulos George, and Dan Flynn are making history in a new era of medicinal extra virgin olive oil to better humanity by disease prevention.    

Harvard has a long history studying EVOO and its affect to the body.  Harvard ran two studies simultaneously, one began in 1976 and the other in 1986 and collectively involved about 200,000 people.  Harvard study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology concluded that greater consumption of olive oil was associated with lower risk of total and cause-specific mortality — especially when olive oil replaces butter, margarine, or mayonnaise. The scientists found that participants reporting Southern European and/or Mediterranean ancestry had higher consumption of olive oil; they had a 6%  lower risk of total mortality, slightly more pronounced than the 4% risk reduction in the non-Mediterranean ancestry subgroups. Harvard’s results support current dietary recommendations to increase the intake of olive oil in place of other fats to improve overall health and longevity.

Dr. Kales and the US Department of Homeland Security, have recently conducted a trial involving 350 firefighters and 44 fire stations. In America, it has been found that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of on-duty deaths of firefighters.   The ultimate purpose of the study is to lower firefighters' risks for Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer through a prevention model by successfully getting more firefighters and their families to adopt and incorporate the healthy eating principles behind the Mediterranean diet with the primary source of fat being  EVOO. 

This recent preventative nutritional intervention trial among US career firefighters showed improved adherence among the MDNI group compared to the control group. These findings suggest the Mediterranean diet is a valid dietary pattern recommendation for this non-Mediterranean working population.

The Harvard study seems to reconfirm the findings of Ancel Keys and the Mediterranean Diet.   UNESCO declared the Mediterranean diet as an intangible cultural heritage in 2010 and Italy was one of the first Mediterranean countries mentioned.  In this 2010 UNESCO description transmitting knowledge of the Mediterranean diet and safeguard its techniques, respect seasonal.

Image by Brett Wharton

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Professor Stefanos Kales 

Professor Harvard Medical School
Professor & Director Occupational Medicine TH Chan School of Public Health
Medical Director for Employee Health at Cambridge Health Alliance

Professor Irene Lidoriki

Harvard Medical School
Occupational Medicine TH Chan School of Public Health Medical  Cambridge Health Alliance

and Me.......



We are humbled and grateful to have qualified for a Scientific Evaluation Report  from the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Athens stating that EVOO Previ  stands out for its enhanced properties for health protection by one of the most respected medical scientist in the entire European Union.

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