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What Clients Say

"Your oil is a game changer.  Doctor said I had enlarged prostate and put me on medication.  I was waking up 6-8 times a night.  I couldn't deal with the side effects of the medication so I stopped taking them.  About a month in I noticed I was waking up less and less.  Now I wake up once a night.  From my experience I recommend it to anyone who has the same condition as mine. "
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Olive Grove

Cibo Previ was born to bring awareness by adopting a dedication to disease prevention as a functional food lifestyle. We believe in respecting nature, and food is mother nature’s medicine.  Her farm is our functional food farmacy.  EVOO Previ is a food that can be used as farmacy.   Previ stands for prevention and EVOO Previ is an exceptional food to protect oneself from the onset of insidious diseases. Benefits are proven by decades of studies which led to the recognition of the Mediterranean Diet as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.  ​Disease prevention through adaptive concepts of functional food farmacy and preservation of bioactive ingredients in the food chain from farm to fork is our objective.

Why Naturopathy

Why You Should Incorporate
EVOO PREVI into your daily routine?

Besides being one of the rarest of Extra Virgin Olive Oils worldwide,

EVOO Previ provides NATURAL support for: 


Manage Diabetes

Insulin Control

Reduce Neuropathic Pain


Improve Brain Function

Fend off Cancer

Reduce Joint Pain
Anti- Inflammatory Action
Improve Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Immune Modulator

Boost Heart Health

Protects against Cardiovascular Diseases

Improve Gut Health 
Supports the digestive system

Reduces Oxidative Stress 

The regulation of Blood Pressure 

Improves Cholesterol Levels

Cleanses the Liver 

Preserves Kidney

Anti-Covid Formulations 


Allergy Defence 

Improve Prostate Health


Improves Satiety

Support Bone Health



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